This elegant watch display case is actually 3D printed

You know you’re looking at a good 3D print when it can be mistaken for anything but extruded plastic, and this watch display case by Duncan Smith is a prime example.

The case is made up of two parts- the main housing and a display window which houses a piece of acrylic. These parts took around 17 hours to print, and Smith pins the difficulty of both printing and assembling the case as “easy”.

The finishing work is what really makes this project look good, with the wood and metal effects achieved with hydro-dipping.

You can find the files to make your own over on MyMiniFactory. When you download the files make sure you read the attached PDF instructions, or follow the online build log.


Smith states that the entire project uses around $25 in components as, aside from the plastic, you’ll need some brass hinges, the aforementioned acrylic and cushions for the watches to sit on.

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