If you don’t mind the moral and legal grey area of game emulation, making a Raspberry Pi console is a great alternative to buying the upcoming SNES Classic Mini.

You can find guides on how to do this on sites like Instructables and Hackster.io, but today we’re focusing on this recreation by Duke Doks which closely resembles the upcoming hardware from Nintendo.

A big part of what makes this project look so good is the 3D printed case which has been painted to look more authentic. There’s also some decal work done to add the small details.

If you want your own you should start on Thingiverse where you’ll find the files to print the case.

Inside of the case the electronics used include a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, a fan to keep it cool, as well as two female USB headers to plug the controllers in.

While it is possible to make your own, a pair of third party, USB-based controllers were used instead.

To actually play the games the popular RetroPie emulator was used, with everything stored on a simple 16GB microSD card.

While you may be able to replicate this SNES for less than the RRP of the official release, keep in mind the amount of time and troubleshooting you’ll need to do to make it work. That being said, you may not even be able to buy an SNES Classic Mini because of stock shortages.

You can check out a time lapse of the build that went into the project below, and make sure you read the description for more information about it.