Horizon Zero Dawn has proven to be a breeding ground for creativity with fans of the game building their own LEGO sets as well as life-size props.

It’s the latter which we’ll be looking at today as Harrison Krix, known online as Volpin Props, has recreated the Shadow Sharpshot bow at full scale.

Designed by Krix in Autodesk Fusion 360, the bow was then molded and cast in urethane rubber with steel added in the middle for rigidity.

The limbs are still extremely flexible and, while they won’t fire arrows very far, it does behave like a bow should when the string is pulled.

The prop is also full of details to make it more authentic. Aside from the red feathers and all those beads, the handle features gold leaf and metallic ribbon and various bits of rabbit fur were added throughout.

We recommend you check out more details about the prop over on Krix’s Facebook, Twitter or Patreon accounts.

He’s promising a few test fires of the bow with rubber arrows soon, and he’s also working on Aloy’s Carja Blazon armour.

And if you want some Horizon Zero Dawn in your life right now, you can build this small recreation of the Thunderjaw with a handful of LEGO pieces.

The distinctive red feathers. Picture credit: Harrison Krix / Volpin Props