Wires are messy and while you can’t argue with the increased speed they offer, more often than not all you need is a way to plug into the internet.

Owners of the DStv Explora then will surely welcome the news that Multichoice has a brand new DStv WiFi Connector that will allow you to connect your decoder to your home network.

“When we first launched the DStv Explora in August 2013, we promised our customers that we will keep on enhancing the experience on this flagship platform. An easy-to-use, DStv WiFi Connector helps us to deliver on that promise,” chief technology officer at Multichoice Gerdus van Eeden said in a statement.

While Multichoice did have a wireless solution before today, this new dongle is smaller than the previous model. The DStv WiFi Connector also comes with a docking station so you can move the dongle away from the decoder to get a better signal if need be.

Connecting your Explora to the internet has a a few benefits such as being able to schedule recordings when you’re not at home.

The┬áDStv WiFi Connector is available now for R199 at DStv service centres, agencies and retail stores. That’s actually not a bad price for a wireless dongle which usually retails for around the same price. Mind you, that price does not include the docking station a lot of the time and a generic dongle may not work with your decoder.