What can only be described as a tumultuous week has passed us by and this week Nick, Lungelo and myself gather to chat about the news of the week.

First up I chat about malware being stored on DNA and why scientists even decided to do that.

Then we break off of our beat a bit and chat about the events in Charlottesville and a documentary that VICE uploaded at the weekend. We’ve included a link to the doccie below (which you can watch on YouTube) but be advised that the content and language may upset sensitive viewers.

Then Lungelo takes a look at how men and women differ when it comes to data consumption which unravels into a conversation about data and being glad that we grew up before the rise of social media.

That’s it for this week, see you in seven days.

Stories in this edition of the htxt.africast

Scientists successfully store malware in DNA

Women in SA spend more on data than men

Icasa proposes massive changes to out-of-bundle voice and data rates

VICE News Charlottesville: Race and Terror (YouTube)