It’s always great to see a game you’ve been keeping your eye on making its way out of Early Access, and the release version of 20XX finally did so yesterday.

Added to Steam in November of 2014, 20XX promised a mix of Mega Man gameplay and the rogue-like elements which are still popular today.

During the Early Access period developer Batterystaple Games put out constant updates and the game enjoyed “Very Positive” user reviews.

The patch notes for version 1.00.0 add in endgame content, achievements, Steam trading cards and and a pet for the player’s HQ.

If all of this sounds great to you, the base version of 20XX usually sells for $14.99, or R159 for our local price on Steam. If you pick it up before 23rd August it’s reduced by 20% to $11,99/R127,20.

There’s also a bundled version with the OST available.

If you want to see more of the game we suggest the “Let’s Look At” video by Northernlion below, which is where we found out about the game. Just keep in mind that the version of the game being played is from September 2015, so it may not perfectly reflect the release version available right now.