For a game that began life as a piece of DLC, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is certainly impressive.

Naughty Dog’s latest entry in its high adventure series is earning critical plaudits across the board – it’s currently sitting at an 8.5 rating on metacritic and we have to confess, we rather like it too.

If you’ve never played an Uncharted game before – and if you own a PS4, we find this a little bizarre – The Lost Legacy may be the best place for you to start. (If some of the characters and their motivations are lost on you, there’s always the Uncharted Wiki you can use to brush up with before you start the campaign).

For Uncharted regulars, the eight-or-so hours the campaign takes to finish may seem a little short by this series’ standards, but hey, it’s being sold at roughly half-price and its relative brevity of length means it’s easier to rinse for Trophies. Here are some quick routes to get some of the low hanging fruit:

Snappy snaps

The Uncharted series has always looked gorgeous, but up until now, it’s never given players a reason to stop and drink in the view. Well, not one that earns them anything at any rate.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy changes this by gifting players a phone with which to take pictures of some of the game’s most beautiful vistas. There are certain sections in the game where players will be prompted to snap a photo with Chloe’s phone, but not all of them are immediately apparent. So every time you come across what looks like a photo opportunity, explore the area for a prompt.

It’s also worth listening to Chloe and Nadine’s banter as it sometimes offers clues as to whether you shoot be looking for a photo op. Not only does this net you the Pics Or It Didn’t Happen Trophy, every photo grants you new unlocks in the menu.

Stack C4

Semtex is lots of fun to use in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. One or two charges spread out over a map can offer the opportunity to blow up multiple enemies at the same – provided their walking patterns are synced up.

However, players can also stack C4 – either in one place or on a moving target. The bigger the pile, the bigger the explosion is. It’s by stacking C4 you can blow up more than one target in a wider area. You can also bag the Overkill Trophy for planting three C4 packs on an armoured vehicle and detonating them all at once.

Rinsing the railyard

At some stage in the campaign, our intrepid adventurers will enter a railyard, which is filled with enemies including a helicopter that’s hovering above. While initially this may look like the headache from hell, this environment offers the opportunity to bag several Trophies all in one go.

First up, it’s worth picking up a silenced pistol – which is in a structure quite close to the player’s entry point – in order to get the Frazer, Chloe Frazer Trophy. Simply stay out of sight and cap 5 enemies with headshots.

Once that’s done, it’ll open the lockboxes in the area – one is on a truck on the right hand side of the map, while two more are in the map’s north end. If you wait, a guard will lean up against the truck and you can bag the I Was Never Here Trophy, for picking a lockbox while an enemy is nearby.

If you’ve been discovered, restart the level (you won’t lose your collected Trophies), but if you’re a master of stealth and you haven’t, you should have three missiles for your rocket launcher. Head to the north of the map (where there are hardly any guards on patrol) and wait for the chopper. When it starts to glide away from your position, hit it with a rocket and head back into cover. Do this three times and you’ll net the Right Under Your Nose Trophy.

Depending on how much time you’re prepared to stay in this area, you can also unlock the Now You See Me… Trophy for breaking cover, being spotted, and then re-entering cover and losing your stalker, and the Were You Counting Trophy, which you can earn by killing an enemy with the last bullet in your gun. Headshots are a premium here – avoid enemies with helmets.

Be like Mad Max

It’s not really much of spoiler to tell our readers that towards the end of this game, there’s a massive car chase. Here, players can bag several Trophies as long as they’re prepared to be aggressive and creative at the same time.

First up, ram as many bikers as you can. Once you smash ten you’ll pick up Combat Racing. Next, start commandeering jeeps. Do this six times and you’ll get the Back Seat Driver Trophy. Finally, make sue you stock up on grenades or C4 because you can bag Here Catch! by lobbing an explosive device into a vehicle that’s chasing you.