With Pacific Rim 2 on the horizon the fanfare for giant mechs has been stoked further in the LEGO world.

Covered by the great YouTube channel Beyond the Brick at a LEGO event in Chicago, this recreation of the Crimson Typhoon Jaeger stands at 135 centimetres tall and 40 centimetres wide.

While there’s no piece count (we assume they lost count) there is some impressive engineering that went into something so large. Mentioned in the video embedded further down, they state that that the arm joints support ten kilograms of weight.

Looking over the gif or watching the video and you may notice some differences between the build and the “real” thing seen in the movie. The most obvious omission is the lack of a third arm. This was cut out to make the mech more stable, with this aim leading to many of the design changes.

The people behind the build, Heroes Club LUG, apparently spent more than a year planning it out before starting the build. Once the construction began it started at the torso, then moved to the legs and to the other limbs.

Most of the build is done using LEGO’s Technic system instead of the more traditional bricks, with much of the armour on the outside accomplished with large panels.