There’s a serious delay in placing pupils in grades one and eight as parents have not yet responded to offers, the Gauteng Department of Education has said.

Over 71 000 parents have not yet responded to offers of placement, which may result in them forfeiting their spot on the queue.

The department said the lack of response is causing serious delays on the system.

“The department has sent SMS notification to these parents to remind them to respond to the offers of placement,” it said.

Since the placement period started three weeks ago on 24th July, 117 081 learners have been placed, 65 595 in Grade one and 51 486 in Grade eight. The placement will close on 20th October.

In total, the department received 285 834 applications by the 12th June closing date, of which 157 369 were for Grade one and 128 465 for Grade eight.

Late applications have not yet opened as the department wants to first finalise early applications, after which it will announce the opening for late applicants.

“Once more, we appeal to parents to accept the offers of placement given, because if they do not, they stand to lose that space,” the department said.