There’s a lot of ways to make yourself a version of Overwatch’s Bastion, from LEGO to laser cut wood, but this animatronic version may be the best one yet.

This project was created by Jonathan Odom from Instructables as an attempt to create a DIY robot that could emote.

That’s why the finished version you see below is not only based on Bastion, but has the addition of an eye mechanism and a “mouth”.

We think you’ll agree that Odom was successful as, seeing the robot move with such stiff proportions is a little unsettling.

Most of this project was done with 3D printed parts combined with small, inexpensive servo motors hooked up to standard remote control components.

The eye is probably the most complex part, consisting of a gimbal with paper clips acting as push rods for movement. This sytem apparently required some trial and error to get working, but the end result is great.

Finally, to control everything, a small bank of dials attached to the build handles all of the movement. We’d imagine this makes control a bit haphazard, so we hope someone makes a version with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi to run everything.

You can find a full guide on how to replicate this project and make your own animatronic bastion over on Instructables. We also suggest that you poke around Odom’s personal YouTube channel for some progress videos on the painting as well as this animation highlight.


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