This evening Samsung will reveal the Galaxy Note 8 to the world and we’re more than a little excited about it.

Not only is this the first Note we’ll be getting (fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong) since the Note 5 but since the Galaxy S8 has been lauded left and right as one of the best smartphones of the year, our expectations are high.

Samsung has been kind enough to livestream the launch event which is happening in New York at 18:00 local time.

The event will be streamed live on the official Samsung website as well as on the Samsung Mobile YouTube page.

The YouTube stream will only be visible once the event kicks off, but if you want a reminder you can subscribe to the page and click the bell icon to get an alert when the stream begins.

Aside from the design of the phone which appears to resemble the S-series, we know very little about the smartphone. Naturally we expect a great camera, a fingerprint scanner and support for Bixby as well as Dex. Of course we’ll have to wait until tonight to see exactly what Samsung has in store for us.

While the catastrophic failure of last year’s Galaxy Note 7 did little to harm Samsung’s bottom line we’re not so sure fans of the brand would be happy if a second handset from the brand started to catch fire.

The Galaxy Note 7 was recalled last year after a battery fault caused some handsets to spontaneously catch fire.

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