Good news for Telkom subscribers – the network has today announced LIT, a service that will allow you to stream music and video without depleting your your data.

Telkom has partnered with Showmax, Netflix, YouTube and Google Play for video and Google Play Music, Apple Music and Simfy Africa for music. Simply put, any content you consume from those services will be zero rated.

The offer is split into three options. LIT Music allows users to stream music for free to their smartphone or tablet. LIT Music will be available on Telkom’s FreeMe 2GB, 5GB, 10GB and 20GB packages

LIT Video is the same just only for well, movies and video content. Free streaming of video content will be made available to customers on the Telkom FreeMe 5GB, 10GB and 20GB  packages.

The third option is LIT TV which gives you access to unlimited streaming of both movies and music.

“We are upping our game to provide our customers with a compelling proposition for all the data we’ve given them. Our LIT offer enables South Africans to access world-class, on demand, streaming content, without incurring additional data costs,” chief executive officer of Telkom’s consumer business arm, Attila Vitai said in a statement.

LIT set-top box free on Unlimited Home 8/10Mbps

As part of the announcement, Telkom also revealed the LIT TVC 100 set-top box.

Available for R1 099 once-off or R49.99 per month the TVC 100 is an Android device that is will connect to your TV and allow you to stream music and video. Telkom says that because the box is compatible with Android and iOS, users can turn their smartphone into a keypad or voice-enabled remote control. This is the future we dreamed about when we were young.

The network has said that folks signing up for or upgrading to Telkom’s Unlimited Home 8/10MBps ADSL and Fibre offerings will receive a free LIT TVC 100 Media Box.

The TVC 100 is only due later in September but LIT Music and LIT Video will be activated for customers on select FreeMe packages come 1st September.