Maker projects making use of Amazon’s Alexa voice commands are plentiful, and this implementation for Star Trek is very fitting.

Created by user “MJRoBot“, it centres around a scale model of the USS Enterprise which can be controlled through Alexa. Tell “Computer” to turn on phasers or torpedoes and the accompanying lights and sounds will go off to simulate them.

This was accomplished with an Echo Dot and a NodeMCU board. It’s a bit more complex than that and it has a lot of moving parts, but it looks great when it works.

You can find a full guide on how to replicate this project over on That guides serves as a continuation of a previous tutorial focused on Alexa, so we suggest you read that one first.

We also suggest that you check out MJRoBot YouTube channel for more videos showing off the build, aside from the ones embedded on this page. Start with a full demo of the systems.

Finally, we’d like to see a version where the electronics needed to make everything work are better incorporated into the ship. We know this is a prototype, so we hope the next version comes out cleaner. If you’re attempting that, and don’t want to cut into a nice replica model, we suggest 3D printing one or building the Mega Construx version.

Both versions should have ample space inside for whatever you need, and they can be easily modified.