Well, this was probably something we all should have expected.

James Damore, the engineer who Google fired this month for penning a memo that questioned women’s fitness to be engineers, has lawyered up against his former employer.

The lawyer in question is Harmeet Dhillon, a prominent member of the GOP (that’s the US Republican Party, for our local readers). Dhillon has told Business Insider that she is representing Damore, but a lawsuit has not been filed at this time.

Damore was dismissed from Google after an internal memo he wrote went viral within the company and was then leaked to the media. The memo in question put forward the notion that women aren’t as well suited to working in the technology industry as men.

Damore wrote that women are naturally more prone to avoid stressful situations and this could account for a general lack of interest they have in entering tech.

Since then, Damore has been doing the rounds in the media, telling Business Insider that he was sacked because his conservative views rubbed the liberal Google management up the wrong way. He also compared being conservative at Google to being gay in the 1950s. It’s hardly surprising that several alt right pundits and sites have rallied to Damore’s cause.

On top of all this,¬†Dhillon’s firm has reached out to Google employees, asking if any of them feel as though they’ve been discriminated against because of their political views.

“If so, our firm is interested in hearing from you, both on a fact-gathering basis and for purposes of potential legal representation,” the post reads.

Looks like Damore’s dismissal could be about to turn into a major headache for Google.