One trend in the maker world we’ve seen pop up here and there is the LED table, where an Arduino or Raspberry Pi powers an LED matrix embedded into the tabletop.

This project by Antoine Rochebois is not only a good example, but it promises to cost only €50, or just under $60 (~R781).

The main features on this version are the ability to play some classic games such as Tetris and Snake, and a visualiser for the music which can be played through it on an aux cord.

While you can see some physical buttons popping out of the side of the table, these functions are also controlled over Bluetooth on a phone.

The main table is a cheap €7 model from Ikea which has been cut to incorporate the 150 LED strips which form the display. A piece of white acrylic sits on top of the display to protect the LEDs and give it a pleasant, diffused look.

A cluster of physical controls on the side are housed in a 3D printed enclosure which also holds the Arduino Nano that controls the system. There are also four arcade push buttons at in the corners which can be used too. It’s not specifically stated, but we imagine this would be great for party games.

Uploader Antoine Rochebois has created a guide for replicating this project over on which you should check out for more information.

Looking at the code provided to make everything work and there’s some unmentioned functions such as Conway’s Game of Life and a random roulette mode we’re sure can be sued for a drinking game.


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