The Nintendo Switch has been out for a while now, and even though the console launched with a paucity of release titles, there’s some great stuff in the pipeline for year end.

Still, forking out around R5 000 for a new console may seem extravagant (or foolhardy) to some, especially in these rather fiscally tight times in which we live. So this week, Nintendo is offering prospective punters the chance to try out the Switch before they buy one.

This Friday, 1st September, Nintendo is bringing a Switch pop-up zone to Sandton City. Gamers of all ages are encouraged to head down there – the invitation we received included the sentence ‘meet Mario and Luigi’ so this could mean that kids might run into a couple of actors in big fuzzy costumes.

It could also just mean that the pop-up zone will have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to play on the Switch (which is more than likely), along with a lot of the games that have been released for the console so far. So punters should expect to get to grips with Arms, 1-2 Switch, The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and Splatoon 2.

You’ll also be able to check out the as-yet-unreleased Fifa 18, which will be available to play. Nintendo is obviously expecting a lot of interest in this title, so it’s set up a page for players to book there slot with the game.

There are also a whole host of events for Nintendo fans to get stuck into while the pop-up zone is a going concern – you can check out the details on the pop-up zone site.

The Nintendo pop-up zone, incidentally, can be found in Sandton City’s Banking Court – so that saves you all some time wandering around aimlessly.