It appears that – in Gauteng at least – Winter is turning its back on us and warmer weather is creeping in slowly.

With the arrival of lovely weather you might be tempted to get yourself a new smartphone to Instagram your outdoor exploits. The Sony Xperia XZ Premium has been my daily driver for the last few weeks and I was not impressed.

Then Clinton chats to us about the YouTuber known as Shammy that he interviewed last week.

We then chat about Brink and speculate about the reasons why Bethesda suddenly decided to make the game available for free.

Finally we chat about books, yes really.

That’s it for this week, you can find links to all the stories we discussed (except for the bit about buying books) below.

Stories discussed in this edition of the htxt.africast

Sony XZ Premium review

An actual interview with Shammy

Brink goes free to play