An official Raspberry Pi meetup – called a “Raspberry Jam” – is finally getting a South African edition thanks to organisers Entelect Software and RS Components.

The two main draws of the event, aside from meeting up with fellow makers, is a keynote presentation / Q&A with Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton and a show-and-tell session.

Upton will unfortunately not be attending in person, but will be there via Skype call. We hope the venue, Entelect’s office in Melrose Arch, has a decent internet connection (oh believe me it does – ed).

If you have a completed Pi project you’d like to display on the day, you’ll need to head on over here to register. There are unknown prizes for the best in show.

You still have some time to whip something up for the day if you don’t already have a project completed. Check out our Raspberry Pi archives for ideas.

If you want more information or you’d like to RSVP over email, contact Tarryn or Portia.

Finally, we’ve been told there will be pizza to be had on the day, which may be the most pertinent information here depending on your priorities.

Raspberry Jam Joburg Details: