Yesterday Nintendo released a trailer for what it’s calling Nindies – that would be games from independent developers that are set to land on the Switch.

Naturally this is great news for Switch owners as it means a boatload of cool titles have been loaded into the pipeline for their console of choice and, honestly, the games Nintendo is hyping look pretty fantastic. Have a gander below:

What immediately caught our eye, however, is footage from the game that appears at about the three minute mark in the trailer. The game in question is Semblance and, if you didn’t know, it’s the creation of a local studio called Nyamakop.

We first clapped eyes on Semblance at last year’s indie games festival A MAZE in Johannesburg, which was part of the Fak’ugesi Digital Innovation Festival (this year’s fest kicks off next week incidentally).

Since then, the game’s creators Ben Myers and Cukia Kimani have been working hard on Semblance, both in terms of its look, feel and mechanics and promoting the hell out of it; the pair have headed to numerous international game jams and were at rAge last year as well as E3 and Gamescom this year.

If you’ve never had a chance to play Semblance imagine a platformer set in a world made out of play-doh and you’ll start to get an idea of what to expect.

To be frank, the Nintendo Switch feels like the perfect fit for this game and it makes Nyamakop the first South African developer to see its game land on a Nintendo platform. Congratulations guys! We can’t wait to play the finished build!