Midna’s strange helmet / mask combo first seen in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess can now be 3D printed.

The example you see in the gallery below took a lot of extra work on top of what the printer did. Some of the details need to be heated, and then bent and glued onto the main body.

For the engravings it’s suggested you break out the Dremel and cut them in yourself.

Finally, to get that look of stone, ash was mixed into some paint. Before that fully dried even more ash was added.

If none of that sounds too daunting, you can find the files to get started over on MyMiniFactory.

While you can find complete 3D prints of Midna out there, this is a separate piece intended for this articulated miniature. This has the benefit of being great for cosplay should you need an upscaled version, though you may have to do some slicing for the larger pieces.

If you want more Zelda masks it seems like the maker community has you covered, with a 3D print of the Deku Mask and this realistic replica of Majora’s Mask done in resin.

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