Shenmue 3 Teaser drops

Shenmue 3 teaser drops at Gamescom

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Shenmue 3 is a game that players have been crying out for ever since the demise of the Dreamcast back in 2001.

Such is the love that fans have for  Yu Suzuki’s epic martial arts adventure series, that Shenmue 3’s big reveal at Sony’s E3 keynote in 2015 had them frothing at their mouths in excitement.

This anticipation didn’t die down any, even after it was revealed that Shenmue 3 wasn’t so much a game as it was actually a Kickstarter campaign at the time – a fact borne out by the news that Shenmue 3’s crowdfunding exercise shot past its $2 million target in under 24 hours.

Since then, however, there’s not been a hell of a lot to go on; a few tidbits have arisen here and there, but the faithful have largely been left in the dark about the game’s development. That is, until last night, when during Sony’s Gamescom presentation a brief trailer for the game was revealed. You can check it out below.

The reactions to this footage have been mixed to say the least. Some fans are simply happy that there’s proof that the game is on its way to release and admittedly, it’s great to see that Yu Suzuki and his team have some work to show off.

However, aside from the lush environments and gorgeous score, aspects shown off in the footage make this game look like it was released a long time ago. Like, nearly two generations ago. The character models, for instance, have the same blocky builds one would expect from visuals in games released around about the time the Xbox 360 came out in 2006.

Now, it’s entirely possible that Suzuki is going for this visual aesthetic on purpose. After all, it’s been over a decade since the last Shenmue game came out, and overhauling the graphics to bring them up to speed with games today may alienate the hardcore base.

Still, for a game made for PS4 (and PC) hardware, Shenmue 3’s look makes it appear rather out-of-step with current software. If we didn’t know better, we’d suspect it had been dug up out of a time capsule that was buried in 2004.

Hey, at least we know all that Kickstarter money is being put to some use. Shenmue 3 is expected to land on PS4 and PC next year.

In the meantime, if you’re jonesing for a game that can scratch the Shenmue itch for you, we thoroughly recommend picking up a copy of Yakuza 0 – it’s really rather good.