Women in SA spend more on data than men

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Women in South Africa using their mobiles to go online spend more buying bigger data bundles than men do, according to a new study by Opera and Worldreader.

Global software company, Opera, and digital reading non-profit, Worldreader, released the results of two surveys undertaken, one by Opera with 1 500 women and men aged 14 to 44 in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa in May 2017 to learn more about their web browsing habits on their mobile phones and the second by Worldreader on the mobile reading habits of 50 000 of its app users in the three countries above.

The results of both were then combined.

When asked how much money they spent on mobile data packages a month, men said they spend more on packages between R50 and R150, while women spent more on packages between R250 and R550.

The study also found that women are more engaged than men with content that can improve their lives, including content related to education, economy, property rights, public services, and health.

Women also engaged with a wider variety of content available on the internet than men, showing a higher percentage of interest for 10 out 15 topics listed.

On the other hand, men browsed the internet more frequently than women.

You can read the full survey results on the Opera Blog.