While the 3D prints we usually look at are focused on realism and creating perfect replicas, it’s sometimes nice to look at something a bit more stylised.

Maker Matthew Kallechy has provided us with just that with a huge collection of low poly characters and weapons from the original DOOM.

Collated from community archives, these are intended to be printed as miniatures for board games.

Some are more stylised than others, but you can make out who is who and which weapon is which. You could paint them but we think they’ll do fine as pieces for any game when printed in a single colour.

The gallery below is just a few of the 35 different designs which are all collected into a single Thingiverse download.

For those without access to a 3D printer, Kallechy operates an Etsy store based in the UK. It currently doesn’t have any of these designs listed, but you can also send him a message requesting them.

If you want something more realistic, and more recent, you can also 3D print the Praetor Suit and heavy assault rifle from 2016’s incarnation of DOOM.

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