News headlines have been dominated by the devastation caused in Houston, Texas by hurricane Harvey this week.

Emergency services and volunteers have been hard at work rescuing people using boats and aircraft all week. It has been truly horrific to see the disaster unfold but from it a few feel good stories of humans helping other humans and humans helping animals have come to light.

Today we spotted something rather interesting over on the PC Master Race sub-reddit. While the name is questionable (it’s a reference to a concept in the Nazi ideology) the sub-reddit is generally a place where all are welcomed, so long as you have a PC.

Yesterday a user by the name of Trenta_Is_Not_Enough posted a photo to the sub-reddit.

It was an honor serving with you dudes, but thanks to Harvey I’m out of the game for awhile. from pcmasterrace

As you can see from the post above the image shows the Redditor’s PC after his home was hit by Harvey. Of course the good news is that the person who posted this is alive and unscathed but we do feel a bit of sadness looking at that ruined PC.

Shortly after posting the image another member of the sub-reddit responded with the following message.

I have: i5 4670k Asrock Fatal1ty z97 Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x 4GB) Thermaltake frio Cooler 600W Evga Power Supply. DM me your shipping info and its yours.

If that wasn’t enough another user offered to buy Trenta_Is_Not_Enough a brand new GTX 1060.

Other users have since joined the chorus to offer the user a monitor and peripherals.

As you might imagine Trenta was humbled to discover the good nature of his peers and if you’re wondering why he ditched his PC when the hurricane hit he did offer an explanation.

“I always said I’d make sure I’d save my dog if anything happened, so when I left the house I carried nothing but a backpack and two bags of dog food since I wasn’t sure when I’d see any more,” he wrote on Reddit.

If it were us, we would have helped the dog first as well.

Thanks Reddit for showing us that good people do still exist.

[Image – CC BY 2.0 Karl Hols]
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