We’ve seen a lot of great 3D printed props and scale models from Overwatch, but this pair of D.Va prints may be the best ones yet.

The talented Morgan Morey (who recently gave similar attention to Tracer) has created a pair of designs based off of the character.

The first design is of both D.Va and her mech in the “lying around” highlight intro pose. Morey warns that this is a large, difficult print to put together, and you’ll be spending a lot of time “sanding and mucking around” to get it to fit together.

If you’d like to give that a try yourself, you can find the files to print it over on MyMiniFactory.

Next up is D.Va on her own with a simple scale model. This one is a smaller undertaking that will be easier to make, but will still need some cleaning up around the joints to fill in the gaps.

Both this version and the mech print above feature bases with the Overwatch logo moulded into them, so they fit right in with the official figures you can buy.

The files for D.Va are also available from MyMiniFactory.

Finally, if you’d like to see how these were made, Morey streamed the entire process over on Twitch.

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