Inspired by a Raspberry Pi emulator that was built into a NES cartridge, the folks at GroupGets decided to take it a step furthur and stuff their build into a smaller SNES cartridge.

After milling away excess plastic inside of the cart with a drill press, they managed to get a Raspberry Pi Zero W in there, along with a USB hub for the controllers and extensions for power and HDMI.

With a custom label printed out and stuck to the front, the project is complete. It’s running RetroPie so there’s a lot of choices for games, should you wish to try titles outside of the SNES library.

To save more space the housing of the USB hub was removed and all the components are held in with trusty double sided tape and hot glue.

The completed project with USB SNES controllers, HDMI and power plugged in. Image credit: GroupGets

The finished project looks great and it’s a decent alternative to the elusive SNES Classic Mini. Those looking for a more accurate replicate of that may be interested in another version which uses a 3D printed case.

If you want your own version for this project, you can replicate it using the included guide provided by GroupGets.

Alternatively, GroupGets themselves are selling it for $99. We don’t have any personal experience with the service, but it looks to work a lot like Massdrop where a certain number of people will need to commit to buying before the orders go out.

If you decide to go this route just remember that, while the $99 price tag does include shipping, you’ll need those USb gamepads. The model they used is currently going for $14 each on Amazon.

The Raspberry Pi and connectors inside of the cartridge. The PCB on the right is the discarded board for the original game. Image credit: GroupGets
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