If you’re a PlayStation 4 owner in South Africa you can now watch Amazon’s Prime Video content in a native app.

While this app has been available in other countries before now, this is the first time you’ll be able to get it with a completely local setup.

The SA PlayStation store states that the app was added yesterday, 5th September. There are already more than 12 thousand reviews averaging out to four and a half stars out of five, so it seems to work just fine. If any good news comes from this country getting software late, it’s the fact that the early adopters can bug test it for us.

The download size is only 7.5MB, so you can get going in no time.

Now for the matter of pricing, because you’ll need a paid subscription for this app to actually do anything. Despite being officially available in the country, the pricing is still in US dollars, so you’re at the mercy of the exchange rate when the bills come.

If you’re new to the service you’ll be getting a seven day free trial, after which you’ll be forking out $2.99 (~R38.62) for the first six months. The price goes up to $5.99 (~R77,38) after that.

That’s not too bad when you consider the other streaming options: Netflix at $7.99/$9.99/$11.99 (~R103/R129/R155) per month, and ShowMax at R99. Those services offer free trials of one month and 14 day trials respectively.

Check out the subscription info and download the app from the PlayStation store if you’re so inclined.