We’ve seen 3D prints of LEGO’s minifigures in the past, with an emphasis on increasing their scale. Now we have a familiar pair from Star Trek to print.

It is, of course, Captain Kirk and Spock as they appear in the famous “Amok Time” episode where the two fight it out in kal-if-fee.

Both of these prints are around four times larger than regular minifigures, measuring in at approximately 6″ (150mm) tall X 4.5″ (115mm) wide X 1.25″ (30mm) thick.

When we spoke to the designer of the prints, Thingiverse user InfinityFrog, we were told that they took 20 hours to print, and used up ~40 meters, or 300 grams of filament.

You can find the free files to print your own blocky Kirk and Spock over on Thingiverse.

If, at this point, you’re wondering why LEGO themselves don’t make any minifigures or sets based on Star Trek, it’s because the licence is unfortunately in the hands of Mega Bloks (which goes by “Mega Construx” these days).

That being said, they do make a great buildable USS Enterprise.

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