3D Printed mechanical toys are a mainstay in the hobby, and this “Pac-Man chaser” design may be one of the best.

Designed by Thingiverse user Alan Grier, the finished print consists of four interlocking bases which each hold Pac-Man and one the four ghosts.

Each base houses a gear which meshes with the one next to it, and these will flip Pac-Man and the ghosts around. This reveals the other side of the prints where Pac-Man chases the now blue ghosts after picking up a Power Pellet.

This is a really clever design that you can make without any paint, assuming you have the right colours of filament. By our count you’ll need eight different colours.

If you have all that filament, or don’t mind doing some painting, you can find the files to make your own chaser toy over on Thingiverse.

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