Of all the services our northern hemisphere counterparts enjoy the most, Spotify is the one we’re probably the most jealous of.

This doesn’t mean South Africans can’t access the world’s premier music streaming service, it’s just that it involves a VPN and some jiggery-pokery if you want to do so. Well, that may be changing in the not too distant future.

This morning, we came across a job listing on Spotify’s website for the position of ‘Senior Editor/Music Programmer – South Africa’. While it’s aimed at candidates in either London or Dubai, the job description is pretty obvious that Spotify is looking for someone who understands and can curate for the South African music market.

“You will identify and curate first rate music playlist listening- and programming experiences for a multitude of our moods, moments, and genres, demonstrate a passion for performance-oriented analytics, and will have your ear to the ground in the music community, focusing on South Africa,” the job description reads.

Spotify’s entry into the African market has been rumoured for quite some time now and should it launch before the end of the year, it’ll have its competition cut out for it. South Africans already have access to music streaming services including Google Play, Apple Music, Deezer and numerous others.

That having been said, if Spotify can launch at a competitive local price (a premium membership currently costs £9.99) and secure a deal with a local network to lower the cost of the data it uses, it may be in with more than a fighting chance.