With Thor: Ragnarok opening next month, the internet is once again pumping out great fanart and projects based on the god of thunder, and we have a 3D print from his first film to look at today.

This is The Destroyer as seen in 2011’s Thor. The design you see here was created by a Greek maker who goes by the username “Fotis Mint” whom we last featured for this Bastion plant pot.

If you’d like to attempt printing one yourself you’re going to have some trouble thanks to the fact that the print is one large, single piece, and the fine spikes around the edges may not show up depending on your printer.

An SLA printer is suggested here, but you could also try another variant if you increase the scale. A version optimised for those printers may be coming at a later date.

Electro-Nick’s Lab created the test print on a Formlabs Form 2 to get all the detailing down. From there Fotis Mint airbrushed it with chrome to get the shiny finish. You can see how great it looks when you shine a light on it in the gallery below.

To take a crack at making your own you’ll need the files from MyMiniFactory.

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