The internet works fast as just hours after the official unveiling of the iPhone X, a 3D printed version has popped up.

Created by user Leo Tiedt their dummy version is based off of earlier leaks and some recent YouTube videos which may explain any oddities or mistakes.

The test print you see in the gallery below is a far cry from previous dummy units we’ve seen in the past, such as that Nintendo Switch which managed to trick a lot of people last year.

This is still an impressive feat given the timeline and we’re sure a few people will take the design and make their own convincing versions over the next few days.

If you’d like to try doing that yourself, you’ll need the files from MyMiniFactory.

Aside from fooling people on the internet, these dummy prints are great for those looking to create accessories for the new phone ahead of its launch, especially in the maker community where we’re sure to see a number of inventive covers, charging docks and more pop up thanks to this design.

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