3D Printed charging docks are a dime a dozen on sites such as Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory, so you have to dig around to find something special like this Kirby dock.

This design of the familiar character has a slot for a phone in the front and a hole out the back where a charging cable can then be plugged into a wall.

The test print you can see in the gallery below (completed in some faux stone or marble paint) is made to work with a Samsung Note 2. Even if you’re not experienced with CAD work, it’s a relatively easy job to resize the slot to accommodate your phone and whatever cover you have on it.

Just remember to be diligent with your sanding and painting to avoid scratching any device you use with this print.

To get started you’ll first need the free files from Thingiverse.

We really hope someone takes this design and runs with it. We could see Nintendo themselves selling a version with wireless charging and a large pink Kirby that can power up a variety of phones.

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