It’s been more than a year since the initial launch of No Man’s Sky and the game still has a loyal following that occasionally creates awesome projects like this.

Thingiverse userĀ Tim Skillman, has made his own scale model version of a Starship from the game, complete with a lighting system that illuminates both the front and the back.

The circuit is relatively simple with just a few LEDs, a pair of batteries and a switch, but the way it’s cleanly integrated into the print is really impressive.

While the paint job in the test print below is far from perfect, we actually really like it as it lends itself to the aesthetic of No Man’s Sky.

If you’d like to make your own you will need the files from Thingiverse. In the description there you’ll also find links to the exact components used if you’re inclined to buy them from Ebay.

This model is actually a remix of a previous design from the same user that went up in October of last year. It doesn’t include the lighting system from the newest iteration, so you may want to print that one if you have no interest in messing around with LEDs.

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