Back in 2015 we came across a great local game at the rAge Home Coded stand in Skadonk Showdown.

As maybe the most South African game ever made, it’s a kart racer with minibus taxis instead of go-karts.

From the three modes on offer, a normal quick race through Johannesburg labelled “Jozi Race” is the best place to start, and you even get to race over the  Nelson Mandela Bridge.

There’s powerups to pick up, a jump button to get you out of jams, a nitrous boost, and even a dedicated button to swear at the other drivers. Truly an authentic experience.

There’s more to play with our favourite mode being rooftop deathmatch in which you need to shove all the other taxis off the top of a high rise.

We also like the fact that the taxi’s colours and licence plates are randomised between races, and you can spend a good few minutes restarting to see all of them. Notice our baby blue racer in the video below with the licence plate “Tokoloshi GP”.

A controller is recommended and there’s two-player on offer, but a keyboard is still usable in a pinch. To bring back the older days of PC gaming, you can even control two taxis in split screen with a single, shared keyboard.

Now for the kicker: this game’s completely free. Head on over to developer Duncan Bell’s page and you can you can download the title for both PC and Mac.

We made a quick recording of a Jozi Race which you can view below. The game is a bit rough around the edges, but it’s a lot of fun with friends and for the princely sum of R0, you should at least give it a bash.