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IDC predicts that SMMEs will, in their first five to seven years of business experience a security incident of some kind. Recently WannaCryptor (known more widely as WannaCry) spread through the internet indiscriminatly encrypting any PC that was vulnerable, from individual devices through to large business infrastructures.

Securing your SMME business from cyber-threats has traditionally been a tricky affair. Most SMMEs often don’t know where to start securing the business and ignore the serious impact that security breaches until they become victims. Enterprise solutions also cost a pretty penny (and then some) and lower cost solutions often don’t have the sophistication to deal with the constant stream of threats cybercriminals are thinking up.

The obvious answer is lock everything down but for a business with moible employees and those working remotely this is not a simple solution by any stretch of the imagination. Even locking down your infrastructure on-site can cause issues for companies looking at sharing files or even trying to send emails.

Ideally a business needs a gatekeeper that not only detects threats but stops them before they enter your business network while not hindering day-to-day operations.

SonicWall’s next generation firewall does exactly that and at a price that your business can afford.

SonicWall’s advanced threat detection is able to provide your business with effective protection against ransomware as well as other nasties looking at damaging your business from ransomware, encrypted, email and mobile threats to name a few.

A firewall that “burns” threats as they appear


Capture Advanced Threat Protection provides effective ransomware detection. It scans a variety of file types in a bid to detect advanced threats. It analyses these files in parallel engines and blocks them entirely until they are declared safe.

Once a threat has been detected Capture rapidly deploys a fix. This increases your cybersecurity effectiveness by allowing you to respond to threats quickly.

Encrypted threats

SonicWall offers add-on security services that organisations to decrypt and inspect encrypted traffic and in this way help neutralise the danger of hidden threats.

Mobile Threats

SonicWall provides security for all of your corporate endpoints as well as mobile devices. Secure Mobile Access routes all traffic through Capture to insure that attackers aren’t able to penetrate your network through an employee’s smartphone. This proves especially useful for companies which have a bring-your-own-device policy.

With SonicWall’s advanced threat detection you are free to do business without worrying about how your business will be taken down by ransomware, phishing attacks and encrypted malware. Visit to find out more about how you can secure your small business without breaking the bank.

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