Despite its popularity, 3D prints based on The Simpsons are surprisingly scarce. When one does pop up it’s usually high quality though, and this design of the entire family on their famous couch fits the bill.

This painted test print you see in the gallery below measures in at 10 X 6 X 8 centimetres and only uses around 78 grams of filament.

We spoke to the designer of the print, user Drivernator, and they told us that the modelling process was relatively easily, until they got to Lisa and Maggie’s hair. Making the spiky look work in three dimensions was a challenge, and about half of the total modelling time was dedicated to this aspect alone.

Once printed three coats of acrylic paint were added, followed by three more coats of spray on glossy picture varnish.

If you’d like to make your own you’ll need the files from MyMiniFactory. You can, of course, scale this design to any size you like, but we’ve been informed that “it’s a nice feeling to have the whole Simpsons family in you hand”.

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