While there’s an endless amount of deck boxes and cases for your Magic: The Gathering deck, this 3D printed version with interchangeable lids is worth looking at.

Inside the box there’s space for sixty cards in sleeves and four D20 dice, but the outside is the exciting part.

There are five different lid designs to choose from with each representing a different colour of mana. Each of the logos are embossed to make them stand out more (and to make painting a little easier) and the lids have a simple catch to keep them closed.

In an odd choice the sides feature Daedric runes from Skyrim spelling out “Magic”, and the shorter side reads “MTG”.

Luckily the files, which you can grab from MyMiniFactory, feature blank versions of both the box and the lid if they’re not to your taste, or you want to use them for a different card game.

If you’re in the mood for something more exciting than simple box, check out this “butterfly case” which has a geared opening lid.

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