If you’ve clicked into this story past the slightly cryptic headline, we assume you’ve got firsthand knowledge of Game of Thrones S03E03 of Game of Thrones, so lets talk about this great 3D print of Jaime Lannister’s golden prosthesis.

This single piece design can be printed without supports and it’s got all the fine details of the prop in the show. The lion’s head and the detailing around the wrist is especially impressive, as are all the tine pop marks which make it looks like cast metal.

You can find the files to print your own over on MyMiniFactory. It will be a relatively simple paint job if you can find a slighlty dull gold colour, so there’s no worries about working your fingers to the bone to colour it convincingly.

If you’re printing one out for cosplay (or a costume for Halloween) we suggest adding a short dowl stick to the end so you can hold it with your (real) hand under a sleeve.

Rather strangely, this design comes to us from the talented hands of user Fotis Mint, who we recently featured for their recreation of The Destroyer from Thor. That print was all silver, and now this one is all gold. Place your bets for next week’s pop culture print that’s completely bronze.

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