We will admit to watching First We Feast’s Hot Ones interviews with a hint of morbid fascination.

The YouTube channel’s premise is simple – celebrities sit down to eat hot wings coated in hot sauces that occupy various areas of the Scoville scale and answer questions until they eventually reach The Last Dab. The final sauce contains Pepper X, the creation of Guinness World Record holder Smokin’ Ed Currie.

In the last edition of the strange talk show, host Sean Evans chats to one of the most controversial members of the YouTube community: George “Joji” Miller. If that name doesn’t ring a bell perhaps the pseudonym Filthy Frank will.

We don’t want to spoil too much of the interview for you so we’ll let you watch it first.

Usually we would urge you to go and check out Joji’s channel but it is very unsafe for work and his videos are something of an acquired taste. It’s best to think of the creator as a comic with a dark edge.

Aside from YouTube the personality chats about his projects outside of the video sharing platform including his hip-hop career and the Harlem Shake.

It’s well worth a watch if you’ve only ever experienced Joji as Filthy Frank or Pink Guy.