While you’ve been able to 3D print yourself a Doctor Who Dalek for quite some time now, this motorised version by maker Matthew Palulis is one of the best.

This is thanks to the ability of this print to drive around on your floor. Hidden inside of the print, the Dalek is sitting on top of the chassis of a regular toy RC car, and it can be driven around as such.

After a weekend of printing on two separate 3D printers, the completed model is 14.5″ (36.83 centimetres) tall and finished in a pleasing purple paint job.

You can see it driving around in the video below, already terrorising other beings in an annoyed parrot.

We spoke to Palulis and he told us that this isn’t even the finished version of the project. He’s prepping it for Santa Fe Comic Con where it will also light up and speak the signature “EXTERMINATE” catchphrase.

To add those functions he’s going to use a simple LED controller kit and a recordable gift card hooked up to a PC speaker.

We can definitely see someone expanding on this project with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi for more functionality, such as control over a phone or tablet.

If you can’t wait until late in October to see the project finished, you could start work on your own by downloading the files off of MyMiniFactory. While you’re there, make sure you take a look at the rest of Palulis’ profile for more Doctor Who prints.

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