The 8th generation of Intel Core processors for desktops has been announced and Intel says that gamers can expect a 25% frame rate improvement on Kaby Lake processors.

The 8th Generation of processors sees a few firsts from Intel as well. The Core i3 processors will now sport four cores and for the first time the Core i5 range will sport six cores.

Naturally the Core i7 range returns with the top of the pops this time around being an Intel Core i7-8700K which the firm calls its best gaming desktop processor ever.

Core i7 Core i5 Core i3
Maximum Frequency Up to 4.7GHz Up to 4.3GHz Up to 4.0GHz
Cores 6 6 4
Threads 12 6 4
Turbo Boost 2.0 Yes Yes No
Hyper-threading Yes No No
Graphics Intel UHD 630 Intel UHD 630 Intel UHD 630
Graphics Frequency Up to 1200MHz Up to 1150MHz Up to 1150MHz

As you can see from the table above Intel will also be adding its newer UHD graphics processor to the new family of processors. This should help folks that are editing 4K 360 degree videos. In fact Intel says that editing that sort of video will be 32% faster than it was with Kaby Lake.

A report by Anandtech reveals that those opting for a high-end  i7-8700K will see 500MHz shaved off of the base clock since the i7-7700K but the boost frequency is 200MHz higher.

Content creation is the big selling point of these processors it seems with Intel saying that gaming, streaming and recording is now twice as fast when compared to a three year old machine.

The processors will launch on 5th October along with a new Z370 chipset. Intel has its work cut out for it because AMD has really hit the ground running with both Ryzen and its enthusiast Threadripper CPUs.

While pricing is comparable between the two CPUs locally, in other parts of the world Ryzen is a rather tempting offer. Let the CPU wars continue.