Blade Runner Black Out 2022

Blade Runner 2049 prequel drops

If you’ve been following the Blade Runner 2049 hype wagon, you’ll know that the film releases locally next week – yes, 2017 really is moving that fast.

Ahead of it landing, there have been a series of short films, some swoon-worthy trailers and there has even been a VR game announced. With Ryan Gosling revealing stills from the film on his Twitter account on top of all that, one has to wonder if fans will be overloaded before the film is in cinemas.

With that in mind, you may want to hold off watching Blade Runner Black Out 2022 for another week. This short film is a prequel to Blade Runner 2049 and it comes courtesy of Shinichiro Watanabe (director of Cowboy Bebop, who handles directing and scripting duties here) and Flying Lotus (who produced its soundtrack). There’s a trailer for it you can check out below:

According to a report on Pitchfork, Blade Runner Black Out 2022 is meant to be a kind of bridge between the original film and the sequel. If you find yourself unable to turn away from the trailer, the whole film’s available to watch over on Crunchyroll.



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