The secretive Thargoid race in Elite Dangerous have kept to themselves floating through the universe, occasionally interdicting players jumping from system to system but that is all set to change.

In update 2.4 Frontier Developments officially re-introduced the deadly race with a warning to players that they would be “the most mysterious and deadly things you’ve encountered in the Elite Dangerous galaxy”.

Until now Frontier Developments have added clues to the existence of the Thargoids in the universe but they are back and they are angry.

Reddit user Commander Reliant Owl recently encountered a Thargoid ship hanging out around some destroyed NPC spacecraft. At first the alien seemed to do the usual thing; scan the human player before jetting off into the universe. Except it didn’t.

As you can seem from the video above the Thargoid vessel launches a full on attack on the player complete with drones and a weapon that resembles a “death ray”. The aliens ships are also rather nimble considering their size.

To arms!

When Reliant Owl attempted to scan the vessel the scan was disrupted but if you look to the bottom left of the HUD in the video above you’ll see a string of numbers appear immediately after the scan attempt.

Players suspect that there is some information about the Thargoids hidden in those numbers and as such have created a mega-thread on Reddit which calls on other commanders to decipher the codes.

While the aliens seem tough they are not unbeatable. Redditor jcollasius managed to tear a piece of a Thargoid ship off. The sample they managed to take was called a “Thargoid Cyclops Tissue Sample” and as soon as the commander brought it on-board their vessels modules began to corrode instantaneously.

So while they are deadly, the Thargoids are not unbeatable. A war is coming to Elite Dangerous and we’re watching with a keen eye.

[Source – PCGamer]
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