The draft regulations surrounding the Protection of Personal Information act (POPI) were published last month giving companies that would need to comply with the act a clearer understanding of what the legislation requires of them.

The regulations are currently in draft format and open for comment so they might change but they do serve as a nice way for businesses to see how they will need to comply.

Global firm Archer Digital is now giving firms a simple way to comply with POPI with its IMIvault.

The service allows firms to store data securely and be able to access it quickly. IMIvault can also be integrated into customer relation management software.

Chief executive officer at Archer Digital, Ross Venter.

“The primary benefit of IMIvault is that it enables enterprise users to quickly and easily search all client information such as invoices and statements, for example, without making changes to their core CRM platforms,” chief executive officer at Archer Digital Ross Venter said in a statement.

Data is indexed in a searchable client data cache which is stored in a restricted physical environment. This should comply with the regulations of POPI but its worth keeping an eye on as the legislation moves towards being implemented.

“We’re experts at harnessing the power of the mobile device to build and strengthen relationships between brands and consumers. IMIvault will further positively transform how companies use enterprise solutions to interact with their customers at a fraction of the cost of conventional storage and cloud services,” concluded Venter.