LEGO recently released their biggest set ever in 75192: Millennium Falcon – a truly gigantic recreation of the ship from Star Wars with an equally large price tag.

For the 7 541 pieces in the box, the company set the international RRPs to £649.99 / $799.99 / €799.99. While the set has not been confirmed, or priced, for our local market, we now have an idea  of how much it may cost.

Local Store Pops Toys has a listing for the set priced at R14,999.99. That’s right, you’ll be paying a cent shy of R15K for a LEGO set thanks to the Falcon’s already high price, the weak nature of the Rand, and the local premium we see added on to larger sets such as this.

This news comes with some caveats. The R15K is not a price set by LEGO South Africa, and it’s not a certainty yet. This is because South Africa is sometimes overlooked when it comes to receiving certain sets, especially the lager ones.

There is a reasonable chance that we will never see the Falcon sold in stores locally. This happened recently with 71040: Disney Castle, a similarly grandiose model of Cinderella’s castle made of 4 080 pieces. This has forced local fans to import the set at their own expense, forcing the price even higher.

With markets much larger than ours experiencing stock shortages, even those rich fans with R15K to burn may be left out in the cold.

If you’re disappointed by the price, the lack of availability, or both, we have a suggestion for you. The 75105: Millennium Falcon is also an official LEGO set of the ship, albeit with far less pieces (1 329) and a more reasonable price. Pops Toys is selling it for just under R2 500, and you can find it in many stores.