Apple Watch 3 has built-in cellular

Apple Watch Series 3 comes with built-in cellular

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As many of the leaks this week hinted, Apple unveiled its brand new Apple Watch Series 3 at its keynote in Cupertino, California.

The device’s big new feature is cellular connectivity, which means that users won’t need to have their iPhone on them at all times in order to receive calls – the watch’s phone number will be the same as the user’s iPhone number. Apple Watch 3 owners will also be able to stream around 40 million songs to their device through Apple Music.

The Apple Watch 3 looks very similar in design to the Apple Watch 2, although it does have a red dot on its crown and its back is a little thicker – according to Apple’s COO Jeff Williams, the space is basically the same as two sheets of paper.

The Apple Watch 3 boasts GPS, is waterproof, has better battery life – up to 18 hours – and its Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities are far more efficient than its predecessor’s. Siri can now speak – there’s no need to look at the screen in order to glean info from Apple’s virtual assitant – and the device seamlessly switches to cellular when away from its synched iPhone.

Under the hood, the Apple Watch 3 is powered by an S3 dual-core processor, a W2 custom wireless chip and an electronic SIM. The Watch comes in silver, space grey aluminium and gold and a variety of straps are available.

“We believe the addition of cellular connectivity will transform the way people use Apple Watch, providing a new sense of freedom since they can stay connected with or without their iPhone,” said Williams. “Apple Watch Series 3 combined with the power of watchOS 4 is the ultimate device for a healthy life.”

Preorders for the Apple Watch Series 3 open on 15th September and the device ships on 22nd September. Prices start at $329. There is no word as yet on a release date or pricing for South Africa.