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Cryptocurrency miner not placed intentionally – Memeburn

Earlier today we spotted a problem with the Memeburn website.

That problem was the Javascript-based cryptocurrency miner Coinhive. Upon visiting the website Google Chrome would start to consume 100% of the CPU.

We contacted Memeburn editor Andy Walker who has informed us that the Coinhive script was not intentionally placed in Memeburn’s source-code.

“At the moment, we believe that it is a compromised plugin that’s responsible, but our developers are currently looking into the script’s origin,” Walker told us via email.

“We’d like to stress that this won’t become a permanent feature on Memeburn, nor are we trialing mining as a source of income,” he added.

While Walker did say that the website had been taken down to remove the script at time of writing the site is currently accessible.

This is a developing story and we will provide you with updates as we get more information from the folks at Memeburn.

In the meantime we suggest users using the Google Chrome browser download the minerBlock extension which prevents any website running a cryptomining script from using your resources.

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