Google marks last year as a “teen” with 19 surprises

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Those of you who are old enough may remember when Google launched on this day in 1998. To mark its last year as a “teenager” the search engine has packed 19 surprises in today’s Google Doodle.

“Named for the number ‘googol’ (a 1 followed by one hundred zeroes), Google inches closer to its namesake each year, currently serving more than 4.5 billion users in 160 countries speaking 123 languages worldwide,” the company said on its blog.

The birthday Doodle lets you spin a wheel with a pin that lands on one of 19 additions featured over the years, and its array of other services such as Maps and Doodles.

This Doodle is not half as fun or cool as the Hip Hop anniversary one or the Oskar Fischinger music composition one, but it’s a cool way to kill time nonetheless.

[Source / Image – Google]