More data for the same price on Telkom Smart Broadband LTE

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Telkom has announced that it is offering more data on its Smart Broadband LTE packages and customers won’t have to pay more for them.

This promotional offer is immediately available to both new and existing LTE prepaid and LTE contract customers.

“Telkom has worked hard to provide high quality products targeted at our consumers at reduced prices. This has ensured that we drastically reduce the cost to communicate and broaden access to ICT services for many South Africans,” said Attila Vitai, CEO of Telkom Retail.

Below is a breakdown of the new data allocations and their original pricing:

You can purchase a SmartBroadband LTE bundle on a once-off or recurring basis by dialing *180#, on the Telkom self-service portal, Telkom App or at a Telkom store.

Existing Telkom LTE contract subscribers will be able to migrate to these Double Data deals.

“All South Africans want more affordable, high speed connections, and effective and efficient communication means. Our doubling of data on our Smartbroadband LTE pre-paid and post-paid packages with no impact on the pricing is a further testament of Telkom’s commitment to reduce the cost to communicate and provide all South Africans with greater internet access,” said Vitai.